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Sex Therapy Sessions Online

I offer online sex therapy sessions focusing on the somatic experience. Working with individuals or couples (or other configurations) I will help you to discover ways to change and improve your relationship to sexuality and sensuality.

Working with me will help you to unlock your potential for a richer and more rewarding sexual and sensual landscape. In my sessions you will receive new ways to explore your sexuality. Just being able to bring any sexual challenge to a safe space, where it can be brought into the light and compassionately understood, can enable profound changes. Many of my clients find my sessions create a freedom in their sexuality and sensuality that they couldn't have imagined before they began. Often my clients are recovering from trauma and/or physical difficulties such as Vaginismus, numbness, Peyronies or Rapid Ejaculation. 

I am GSRD, poly and kink informed and confident that I can make you feel welcome, seen and not shamed in your individual fullness.

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