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Hypnotherapy Sessions Online 

I offer online hypnotherapy sessions to help you to overcome, enhance or excel. I also teach self-hypnosis, a powerful tool for self-empowerment.

Hypnotherapy is a tool for rapid change and, contrary to expectations, a modality that makes you feel more in control, not less. With my focus on tailoring the session to each person’s individual needs, my clients find hypnotherapy a pleasant and useful experience, often producing profound change in their lives. Hypnotherapy can support you in any area of your life where your mind has control, including how you think and feel about things but also how you behave and how your body behaves too. As you might imagine, the range of issues that hypnotherapy can help with is vast ranging from the more well known issues such as weight management and stopping smoking to teeth grinding and anger management as well as transforming phobias and habits of all kinds.

Many of my clients like to learn  self-hypnosis as a vehicle for managing their own process of change. Whether you want to help yourself with stress or pain management, overcoming anxiety or OCD or increasing your confidence for public speaking or improving your sports performance, self hypnosis can be used to tackle many of the areas that hypnotherapy provides help with and has proved to be a very accessible and useful route to enjoying a more comfortable and fulfilling life.


For many years I have specialised in teaching self-hypnosis for childbirth where self-hypnosis allows for a more comfortable and relaxed pregnancy and birthing process. Self-hypnosis is itself a route to deep relaxation which leads to better sleep and better ability to return to sleep, both very supportive, especially in later pregnancy. This ability to relax and also manage pain, as well as rehearsing the mind and  body in advance using self-hypnosis, leads to an enjoyable and faster birth process with less interventions. After the birth, self-hypnosis continues to support the new parent helping them to feel calm and confident, enjoying their new baby as much as possible.

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